Review of ar500 steel shooting targets


The ar500 is a robust steel firing target that can be used to improve your shooting prowess and accuracy. This product is strong enough to withstand recurrent bullet shots without being damaged, when used correctly they can last for several years without any maintenance. Ar500s are appropriate for heavy artillery as well as club use, and they also feature CNC LASER technology which gives them an amazing cut finish. We really like the steel targets for sale from

These targets can be a great investment in honing your aiming skills, they are more effective and fun than paper targets which fade away easily from constant use. Users would also know immediately the shots that have made a perfect hit and those that missed due to the discernible sound produced by steel upon impact, unlike in paper targets where one wastes time and energy physically checking successful hits. In fact, studies show that reactive steel shooting targets such as the ar500 targets can increase a shooter’s proficiency by a margin of 50% faster compared to paper targets. One would be able to hit clear targets even with little ammunition. Key features of this product include:

1. Half inch mounting holes

2. Conspicuous enough to be seen from far distances

3. A unique mounting kit that’s sold separately

4. Has an elastic surface that allows bullets to bounce off upon impact, this increases its longevity.

ar500 targets

AR500 Targets are great fun


Hundreds of shooters love this product since its portable and easy to handle, moreover the set includes a complimentary packaging slip which adds some touch of class and quality. Unlike other brands which are difficult to target on the edges, ar500s have a streamline design that makes shooting easy from any angle. Nevertheless, marksmen should take precautionary measures when out in the field. There’s a safe standpoint distance that one needs to maintain at all times, being very close to the steel target from Amazon can cause hearing problems because of the intense noise produced when a shot hits its target.

Why Hunters & Shooters Should use indoor fencing


Hi Guys welcome back to my blog, while we normally talk about shooting and accuracy, A buddy of mine just sold me and electric dog fencing system I told him I would be more than happy to post his article on my shooting site. So check it out and enjoy.


An indoor fence is made to help you save your house from dogs that can be annoying and hard to discipline at times. Now, living with dogs at home is now hassle-free with this tool. Even if no one is in the house they won’t just go running around jumping on beds biting the sofa or jumping around the garbage bags when you use an indoor fence designed for pets.

An indoor pet fence will correct your dogs instantly. It comes with a dog collar that receives a signal from the indoor radio fence transmitter. The signal will be transmitted whenever the dogs cross over the invisible fence. Dogs will only feel a mild level of electricity in their neck and it won’t stop until the dog goes back to the area where they should be. The electric shock that the collar emits is not more than a bite of an ant. Its dog collar has an independent 6volts battery power source that operates the collar’s receiver and the dog correction mechanism. It is also replaceable and the battery can last for a long period of time.

The dog collar also has a range selection of 2-10ft so the dogs will have a wide space to play around the house. Moreover, it is also available in various sizes for different breeds of dogs. It is lightweight just like an ordinary dog collar so dogs may not even this on their neck. An indoor pet fence dog collar is also available in sizes ranging from 6-28 inches. On the other hand, it is not applicable for young dogs or puppies. Dogs must be 10 pounds and above for its safe usage.


The radio fence transmitter measures 9” in diameter and 2” tall. It is light weight and it can be installed anywhere in the house sealing or where the dog owner wants to put it. It has a plug in adaptor for its power source so it can operate continuously without losing the power. The radio fence transmitter can also control multiple amounts of dog collars at a time if the owner has several dogs in the house. This indoor pet fence can easily control the dogs without the use forcing them to obey your command. An indoor pet fence is safe, user-friendly and it can be easily operated by dog owners. Therefore, the dogs and their owner can live inside the house peacefully. I opted to buy a heavier duty invisible fence wire from ebay.

The indoor pet fence can also be a good tool to use when training dogs inside the house. Hiring a dog trainer can be much more expensive and time-consuming. The worst thing is if your dogs won’t even follow your commands. There’s a high chance that dogs can be agitated and sometimes angry at the owner especially if they are playing on areas where they are not allowed to do so. Hurting the dog will be the last option for it to stop.

That’s where an indoor pet fence should be considered. It provides safety for the pet owners and also for their pets also. Dogs won’t even need a trainer just for them to obey the owner every time. Dogs will stay away from the places that they would always want to. It is primarily because of this ingenious invention that teaches dogs what’s wrong leaving the owner a stress free day. Most of the indoor dog fence systems are compatible with an outdoor electric dog fence system. This makes things very convenient as a homeowner. We like petsafe and sport dog brand the best. On the other hand some companies like Invisible fence brand charge a premium to install the system saving you a lot of time and effort.

Mistreated dogs often cause problems to dog owners most especially if the owners are not too kind with their dogs. Hurting dogs is one way of telling them that their owner doesn’t care or love them. It leaves them with only one choice that is to defend themselves from their owners. This defensive way of dogs is often misunderstood as an act of violence but it’s not, it’s the only way for them to defend. Incidents like this often leaves the dog injured or sometimes the owner. Dogs are the most lovable pet that people could have so treating dogs in a bad way is absolutely wrong. Dogs must be treated in a right way just like how to treat your best friend. To keep them safe from harm and to avoid compromises, it would be better if you use an indoor pet fence. Considering the benefits that it can provide, you will see that it can help you a lot in securing yourself, your loved ones and your pets as well.



Having this indoor pet fence inside the house is like having your own personal dog trainer; it can teach dogs 24/7 without getting tired or frustrated. It’s also maintenance free all it needs is electricity and batteries to operate and simple to install. This is one way of taking care of your dogs and your house and most importantly it takes care of the family. Having a happy dog plus a happy owner is equals to a very happy house. That’s the happiness and safety only the Indoor Radio Pet Fence can give.

This electric dog fence video sums it up